It’s been too long …

I’m so sorry, it has been too long since I last posted. There is a lot going on round here.

I have been working on some great client projects and a super exciting secret design project of my own.

That said everything has stalled because our little family is on the move. In a few short weeks (less than two to be exact) we are moving to Scotland!

Things will be quiet round here while I manage the move and settling in, but I will be back. I have lots of exciting posts planned.

Hope you are knitting up a storm where ever you are.


For The Love of Hats!

Woolly Wormhead is a hat magician, if you have not encountered her designs before you are in for a treat. Each design is carefully crafted with beautiful and unique details that enable you to create a masterpiece to adorn your noggin (or the the noggin of a loved one).

Think that hats are not for you, they don’t suit you face shape or your hair style. I am almost certain that you will find a Woolly Wormhead design that suits you.

This blog post is about hats and a hat designer, but it is also about a community and a very special fundraiser. Mutoid is an artists collective and community based in Northern Italy that is now under threat of eviction. Fighting for their right to stay in their homes is not cheap and the legal fees are mounting up. Woolly Wormhead has released a new pattern book containing some of her most popular patterns to help with the fundraiser and . Hatopia is only £9 and £7 from each book sold goes directly to the fundraiser. 


Copyright: Woolly Wormhead

If you don’t fancy a whole book of hats you can purchase a single hat pattern called Runway for £2.50 (£2 of your money will be donated directly to the fundraiser). 

Copyright: Woolly Wormhead

Copyright: Woolly Wormhead

If you don’t want or need another hat pattern or just fancy brightening someones day you could always pay it forward, I chose this option! Why not gift the pattern as a ROAK (random act of kindness) – this way you can pass a smile onto a fellow knitter while helping the fundraiser at the same time. You really can’t go wrong.

More details about the hat and this fundraiser can be found on Woolly Wormheads blog

I think I am going to finish my Encircle and then I might cast on a Castiel as I will be needing some hats later on in the year when we move to the frozen north.

I would love to hear from you if you decide to knit one of these beauties or ROAK the Runway hat. I gifted my hat to PinkHairGirl and I know she has already sent on the hat love….