In the knitting basket …

Firstly, a huge thank you to the lovely blog readers who have bought my book. It makes me so happy to know that people are going to be knitting these itty bitty socks and hopefully getting excited about sock knitting.

Remember you can get 20% off the cover price until the end of the month with the code “Blog1”. This means you get 9 patterns for £7.20!

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I also have another fab knitting offer for you. My pattern Toasty Talus is FREE until the 24th December with the code “happy”. These legwarmers are a super quick knit, perfect for last minute gifts or cold little legs.

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This brings me perfectly to the subject of this blog post. Christmas knitting – or what shall be known in this house as the knitting of doom…. (sad face)

I have never really knitted for Christmas before, but seeing as this is my first Christmas in a cold climate for a while I thought I would jump on the Christmas knitting band wagon. I am sorry to say, I would like to get off now please!

I was very organised, I chose patterns, purchased yarn and thought about how the projects were going to work out.

Well … arm …, that is as far as I got in the organised stakes. Life got in the way and this morning we have a situation in our little Edinburgh flat. Tomorrow I go to see my family for our early Christmas. Want to see what I am giving them as gifts?



In case you can’t tell from the photograph (because admittedly it may be a little tricky to see any finished objects on the table). I will be presenting two “hats” and a knitted chicken to my loved ones tomorrow. (Ha, ha, ha ….. )

My priority is to get the chicken finished. My three year old nephew is chicken obsessed and I don’t think he will understand the half finished WIP wrapped in gift wrap… the other projects, well, they are going to be January gifts. I was going to go all out and knit like a beast possessed until tomorrow but that is not healthy, and I don’t want to knit with my grump on. Mom and sister will get IOU’s, and if they are lucky I might let them squish the gorgeous yarn!

The round up

The knitted chicken is being crafted with odds and ends of chicken type wool (frankly I was amazed at the array of chicken coloured stash I had, though I will admit to buying the yellow). I am using the Rowan pattern Ester, Ernie and Enid, I think my chicken will be an Ernie. I had hoped to knit all three, but that is just not going to happen. 

The two WIPs (technically just balls of yarn) are gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Ginger Twist Studio, my LYS.

The heather pink / lavender aran weight BFL is going to be lovingly crafted into a Marina hat, the pattern is by Woolly Wormhead and has a very interesting construction.

The blue / grey skein of DK in a goregous BFL and silk blend is going to become an Everglade hat, also by Woolly Wormhead.

I think I am going to take my time over these hats. After all I want them to be crafted with love and passion, not knitted at 3am, filled with worry and stress.

Next year I am going to buy presents, shopped for locally, maybe even hand crafted. This year, I have learnt my lesson, Christmas knitting on a deadline is not for me.

How is your knitting going? What do you have on the needles?


Sock Anatomy

Hello again ….

My blogging has been sporadic lately. There are many boring reasons for this, which I will not bore you with … there is also one incredibly exciting reason for the radio silence in these parts lately.

I have been feverishly working on my new ebook, and it was released at the end of last week.


Sock Anatomy is a collection of patterns that work through the many heel turning variations I discovered when I fell in love with knitting socks. Without embarking on a full sized adult sock you are able to road test all the elements of the sock construction in miniature with the patterns in this book.

It features nine patterns, five which have already been released and a further four which will be released in the new year. Each design comes in four sizes covering the ages newborn to three years.

Top down, toe up, heel flap, short row heels, afterthought – this book has got it all covered, with lots of options in between too.

Each pattern has been fully test knitted and tech edited. The patterns are written with a new sock knitter in mind and contain detailed instructions. All patterns are clearly written and charted where appropriate.

As a special thank you to my blog readers I would like to offer you a discount of 20% until the end of December.

This means you can buy the ebook, containing nine patterns for only £7.20!

All you need to do is enter the code “blog1” when you check out on Ravelry. 

If you would prefer to use the coupon for a single pattern you will also be entitled to 20% off the single pattern price.

Just to wet your appetite here are some of the designs, modeled by my very own mini sock model.