I Finished Something …

I have finished a few things recently but they have all been ‘work knitting’, samples for workshops or designs I am working on. I love ‘work knitting’ but there is something deeply satisfying about finishing personal knitting, especially when it holds lots of memories.

This hat is one of my favourite knits and I am pretty sure I am going to make another one, or two. It would be the perfect gift hat, and I would love to see what it looks like other types of yarn.

The pattern is Castiel by the brilliant designer Woolly Wormhead, she is a hat designing genius and her patterns are always a joy to work from. I chose to knit this in a very special skein of yarn from Hartlam a fabulous South African designer. It is the Sutherland DK base in a stunning shade of blue with just the right amount of sparkle. The drape of the silk coupled with the bounce of the Merino makes it the perfect hat yarn.

There is also a story behind this skein that makes it extra special. In the final weeks of living in South Africa I was lucky enough to visit my wonderful friend Sally in Cape Town and we headed out to talk to Michelle about her yarn. It was great to meet her and see her studio. I could have bought so much of her yarn, it is all so beautiful. She has some carefully selected luxury bases and a wonderful colour sense. Unfortunately we were about to move across the world money and space were tight, so I chose one skein and decided I would make a special hat with it.

This is that hat, it holds many memories.



Excuse the terrible photo, I am having one of those days and this was the best hat self portrait I could muster.




This one shoes you the utterly gorgeous stitch pattern that is the main feature of this hat and the way it works so well with this yarn.

I’m very happy with this project and even though the photos do not do it justice I can assure you it is definitely worth knitting.

What have you got on your needles? Have you finished anything recently?

Have a wonderful knitting filled week …