In the dye pots this week …

Today is a momentous day! I have finished my last day of formal employment and the world of freelancing awaits me. I am very excited. Lots more news to come over the coming weeks.

First up, some design / knitting news. Tomorrow sees the release of Brunswick, the second pattern in the Head to Toe series. And to celebrate there has been lots of dye pot action. Not by me though. The talented Jess from Ginger Twist has been working hard to make sure there is a fabulous selection of yarns available for those of you want to wrap yourself in the utterly gorgeous Ginger’s Hand Dyed. If you have not worked with these yarns before you are in for a treat. Jess has a real eye for colour and her yarns are magical to work with.


Which yarn should you pick? Well, the pattern was designed with Delight, a high twist merino sock yarn. I wanted to show how this yarn could be far more than socks. Not that I have anything against socks, but I love this versatile base and wanted to show it off. Brunswick does just that. I love this base it is wonderful to work with and really takes the dye well so the colours are fantastic.

You can also use Luscious, this is a new and very luxurious base that Jess has just started stocking. This yarn is very squish worthy. With 70% wool with 20% silk and 10% cashmere, its really is a touch of luxury. 

Jess and I had a long chat about colours at the start of the week before she hit the dye post. She has dyed up a spectacular array of colours in preparation for the release of Brunswick tomorrow. She has also been kind enough to offer a sneak peak behind the scenes. I thought you would like to see the process behind the yarns available.

Yarn soaking waiting for the magic to start.


The magic is all in these bottles.


Then the magic starts to happen. Yarn is dyed and then rinsed.

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Finally the yarn is dried and it is almost ready to be brought to the shop for squishing, caking and knitting.

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Jess has dyed up lots of gorgeous yarn and will be restocking the (bricks and mortar) shop tomorrow, so why not pop past and grab a gorgeous skein of hand dyed to cast on Brunswick this weekend? If you are not in Edinburgh you will be able to buy yarn from her online shop at any time and the new yarns will be listed no later than Sunday. 

In the Delight base, 100% merino you can get a skein of Liquid Sunshine (a fabulous yellow), Changing the Brief (the stunning colourway used in the design sample), Grey Gardens (it is grey – need I say more?), Cherry Bomb (a striking red) and Tink (Lavender and Perimwinkle blue, a pretty special colourway). 

Want to add a touch of luxury to your life? Try Luscious (wool, silk and cashmere) in Dove (my favourite shade of grey), Witching Hour (the cousin of Changing the Brief, a rich and sumptuous colourway) Changing the Brief (rich purple and blue used in the design sample) and Persuasion (a sophisticated shade of teal blue). 

Plenty of options and each colourway would suit the design perfectly. One skein is all you need for the Brusnwick shawl. The pattern will be launched tomorrow and I would love for you to come along and join in with us in the KAL over in my Ravelry group. All yarns are welcome in the Rav group too!

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Happy knitting





Caught my Eye – a KAL with a difference

This week I thought I would feature a Caught my Eye with a difference. Leethal Knits (Lee Meredith) first came to my attention a few years ago when my sister was knitting a Betiko shawl. I have always admired her designs from afar but have never leapt in and actually cast anything on. Until now that is…

You know that moment when you see something on Rav and no matter how busy you are, how many WIPs you have in your knitting basket you just start clicking and moments later, that PDF pattern is happily downloading onto your computer. A few weeks ago I had one of those moments.

I saw the details, KAL, adventure, mystery, stitch patterns, options, variable weights of yarn, colours, stripes, loads of options and resulting projects …. starting in mid August …. ah mid August I hear you say, that time when I will be enjoying a little bit of breathing time to get back on track. Quick, start clicking, I need to be part of this!

So there you have it. The story of how I came to own the lovely digital ebook from Leethal Knits

leethal Adventure Knit-a-long 2014

Copyright: Lee Meredith /  leethal knits

Copyright: Lee Meredith / leethal knits

The ebook will contain six shapes and 24 stitch patterns to make loads (10+) of unique items. Various yarn weights can be used and I am pretty sure that (judging by her other work) playing with colour is going to be accommodated and encouraged.

I have ‘borrowed’ this KAL calendar from her Rav page. It gives details of the price and the dates. I already have my ebook (taking advantage of the pre-order bargain price) and am ready and waiting for the release on 14th August.

Knit-a-long calendar:

Do you like this kind of knitting pattern? Are you thinking of participating? I would love to hear your thoughts and see your projects if you decide to take part.

Happy Knitting




Head to Toe KAL (and news)

July has been an incredibly busy month for me, I am really looking forward to August and a change of pace. I finish my job this week and will be focussing solely on my knitting ventures from the 1st of August. This is an exciting time for me and I have so much to tell you over the next few weeks.

Before I launch into new and exciting things I want to focus on the here and now. I have a little KAL running in my Ravelry group and would love for you to come and join in . We are a friendly bunch and the KAL is very relaxed.

Montrose Hat by Clare Devine

Montrose Hat by Clare Devine

I have secured some fab prizes for the KAL and here are the details

A relaxed KAL to celebrate the launch of my collection “Head to Toe”, released in 4 installments from July – October.

These four stylish accessories have all been designed to use a single skein of Ginger’s Hand Dyed by GingerTwistStudio.

You can buy the patterns in my Ravelry store. They are available as a collection for £10 (four patterns) or as individual patterns (£3 – £3.50)

The KAL will run from the 7th July until the 31st of October.

You can join in at any time and knit any (or all) of the patterns. You can use any yarn.

I have secured some lovely prizes for KAL participants. To be eligible for a prize you need to complete your pattern and post a picture of the finished object in the FO thread with a link to you project page on Ravelry.


Grand prize:
A skein of Ginger’s Hand Dyed. You can select from one of the four bases used in the patterns and from any of the colours in stock at the time.
A gorgeous project bag sewn by Jess from Ginger Twist Studio
A copy of Head to Toe (in print)
A selection of stitch markers crafted by yours truly

Runners up:
Two runner up prizes of a print copy of Head to Toe and a selection of stitch markers.

During the KAL there will be some wildcard prizes including free patterns, stitch markers and hopefully some more yarn. I will update you as I secure these prizes.

Hope to see you over on the Ravelry group

Happy Knitting



Caught My Eye – Pentacubes

Oops I missed a week and I am a day late this week. It is not that nothing has “Caught my Eye”, more like the world is zooming past me at a million miles a second and I am struggling to keep all my plates in the air.

I am back from Brighton and while I had a great time I did miss my little bundle of laughs, she is grown up so quickly.

The daughter of a prolific knitter deserves good hand knits so I have vowed to cast on a cardigan for her as part of a KAL (more details soon), and this weeks “Caught My Eye” is also dedicated to her.

How fab are these pentominoes and pentacubes by Woolly Thoughts? Woolly Thoughts are a trio of designers who, amongst other things, design knitted maths puzzles and toys. Pure genius!

“Pentominoes are shapes that can be made with five squares. There are 12 different pentominoes.”

The pattern can be made from any weight of yarn (perfect for using up your odds and ends) and is available in two styles of knitting, a seamed version and a virtually seamless version. The pattern retails for £3.50

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

Used with permission. Copyright: Pat Ashforth & Steve Plummer

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Brunswick (a little taster of what is to come)

Hi everyone.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I was in Brighton for the Unwind festival. It was a brilliant yarn event and promise to share my pictures and stories with you later this week.

It has been a week since I launched Head to Toe and the response has been amazing. Thank you.

I wanted to give you all a sneak peak of what is to come next. On the 1st of August I will be releasing my next pattern, it is a gorgeous accessory for your neck and shoulders. The design is very versatile and will take you from warm summer nights through to chilly autumn days. It can be worn in many different ways and is the perfect single skein project for a gorgeous skein of sock yarn. The sample was designed using Ginger’s Hand Dyed Delight, a springy merino sock base available in a wide range of fabulous colours. 

DSC_0265 DSC_0261


I hope you like what you see. Can’t wait to share more with you.

Happy knitting

Clare x

Montrose KAL


Hope the week is treating you well so far. It has been a busy but exciting week for me. I am overwhelmed by the positive response that Montrose has received. Thanks for the all the love knitters! (Knitters really are lovely)

To celebrate the “Head to Toe” collection I am hosting a knit-along (KAL) in my Ravelry group. 

It is a very relaxed affair, all you need to do is pick a pattern from the collection, get some yarn and your needles and cast on. Then pop along to the group and join in the chatter. We are a very friendly bunch.

The KAL will run until 31st October and there will be some fun prizes along the way.

Details can be found in my Ravelry group, look forward to seeing you there. 



The moment I have been waiting for quite a long time has finally arrived.

Without any further ado I present to you Montrose, the first in a series of four hats designed with Ginger’s Hand Dyed. 


Montrose comes in three sizes (S, M and L) and two different styles, slouchy and snug. It is the perfect summer hat knitted in Splendor (50% Merino and 50% silk) and will last you into autumn. The lace is an easily remembered 4 stitch and 4 ran repeat. Perfect for keeping your interest without being too testing on the ‘grey matter’. I found this particular lace pattern highly addictive and I can’t wait to cast on another hat for the KAL.

Montrose can be purchased on its own for £3 or as part of the four pattern book (ebook £10 and print book £12 plus p&p). 

If you buy the ebook you will get each pattern as it is released and then the final ebook in October with the last pattern from the collection. The print book will be posted in October but you get a free ebook so you can get knitting straight away.

There is a 25% discount until 13th July on the digital patterns. Just use the code ‘headtotoe25’ in my Ravelry store. 

DSC_0399 DSC_0428

I will be announcing the details of a KAL later on today. I really hope you will come and join us in the Yarn and Pointy Sticks Group as we knit our way through this collection. It will be a very easy going KAL with lots of chatter and some lovely prizes along the way.

Happy Knitting




Shhhhhhhhh …. The Big Reveal (and a discount code)

I have been alluding to this for a while now. I remember when I first floated this idea with the wonderful Jess from Ginger Twist Studios. We have come a long way since I burst into the shop saying I had “a plan” and it involved her yarn and some ideas for stylish accessories.

On Monday 7th July I am releasing the first of a series of patterns designed to showcase the gorgeous yarn created by Jess from Ginger Twist Studios in Edinburgh.

Here are the details and a few sneak peaks for my lovely blog readers. You can also hear me and Jess chat about the collaboration on the Knit British podcast.


Ever wanted to wrap yourself in exquisitely hand dyed yarns from head to toe? This new collection will allow you to do just that. Four carefully designed patterns each featuring a single skein of gorgeous Ginger’s Hand Dyed will take you from high summer through to early autumn.

Head to Toe is an exclusive collection of four beautiful designs by Clare Devine in conjunction with the talented Edinburgh based hand dyer Jess from Ginger Twist Studio. Released over four months from July to October the collection features stylish knitwear to take you through the seasons.

Pattern release dates

Montrose (hat) 7 July

Brunswick (shawl) 1 August

Edina (mitts) 1 September

Elgin (socks) 1 October

E-book and print book released on 1 October 2014, available to pre-order. E-book customers will receive individual patterns as they are released.

The e-book and individual patterns are available from Ravelry to pre-order from 5 July. To say thank you to my blog readers I am offering a 25% discount on all my digital patterns until Sunday 13th July, please use the code “headtotoe25”

To buy Head to Toe in print please visit my Big Cartel shop to pre-order. The book will be posted to you at the start of October once the full collection has been released. You will received a download code to use on Ravelry to get your free copy of the ebook once you order has been processed. The book costs £12 plus p&p. Unfortunately I am unable to offer the discount on the printed book.

Now for a sneak peak of the designs. The first one will be released in full on Monday 7th so you do not have long to wait. I will be posting more details of the other designs over the coming weeks, hope you like what you see.

Details of a KAL and prizes to be released later in the week.





I would love to hear what you think of the designs from what you can see.

Happy knitting.



Week in Pictures #6

This week has gone past in a whirlwind (I think this is a common theme at the moment). I thought I would sneak in a quick “Week in Pictures” before I get ready for the big reveal tomorrow….

I have been keeping secrets from you – but tomorrow I shall be revealing my super exciting collaboration and I can’t wait. Pop back here at 9am (GMT) for a big reveal. The fabulous Knit British will also be releasing her special podcast featuring a “wee chat” with me about the collaboration

Moving on. What has been going on this week?

Lots of work, fueled by lots of tea (the non caffeine kind, I have finally got my caffeine craziness in check after our Canada trip). My big cat tea pot has been keeping me company.

IMG_9770A  very exciting parcel arrived this week. I am going to blog about it later on but I thought I would show you my new yarn. A custom hand spun! Yes spun just for me to my exact specifications. I can’t wait to cast this on. It is going to be glorious to knit with. And yes, it is grey.

IMG_9774 IMG_9777

My brilliant sister made me some oak sock blockers because she is fabulously talented and I am her big sister (so she has to do what I say). I will be taking these to Unwind next week to show off two exciting samples for Yarn Garden.

I will also be using them for some more baby sock designs and workshop treats.

I am trying to get her to make some and sell them online, she is so talented. Watch this space!


We went all green the other night. Spinach and Watercress Soup. I was skeptical. I shouldn’t have been – it was delicious.


Today I met my lovely husband for lunch. We had Pho. I loved Vietnam and we are big fans of Vietnamese food. This was an extra special Friday treat.


Finally – another exciting project I have been working on that will be revealed in full at Unwind, but I thought I would give you a sneak peak today. Socks for Yarn Garden. They are an amazing yarnie team from the north of England. George is a master dyer and I LOVE their yarn. Are you going to Unwind, Brighton? I will be there all day on Saturday – I can’t wait.

yarn garden_sock

Hope you have a brilliant Friday. Don’t forget to pop past for the news tomorrow morning!

Happy knitting



Caught My Eye – Louise

It has been very summery around here recently and I have been dreaming about summer knits. Knitting time is limited at the moment so I may have to settle for an itty bitty summer knit instead of a full sized knit for me.

The Caught My Eye this week is a very cute ‘itty-bitty’ top. Perfect for showcasing some lovely yarn and knitting for the ‘wee ones’ in your world.

Louise by Aurore is free and available for 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Using 200m of sock yarn. I am pretty sure you could scale it up for toddler sizes by changing the yarn to a DK. I think this would work without making it too bulky. You could also brave the maths and make it a touch bigger that way. The pattern is also available in four languages (English, Italian, Polish and French)

A simple but beautiful knit.

Used with permission. Copyright Aurore

Used with permission. Copyright Aurore

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Happy knitting