Flash Sale: Day 4

At the start of this month I released the warm and snuggly Elgin socks. They were the final installment of the Head to Toe series and are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Perfect for keeping your toes warm and toast as you snuggle on the couch under a warm blanket.

Elgin sock_blog_sale-01

It is gloomy and grey in Edinburgh today, and so I thought it would be fitting to feature the Elgin socks as my Socktober discount for today. Use the code “Socktober5” to get 50% off Elgin (£3 to £1.50) until midnight on the 31st of October. 

Most sizes can be knitted with 100g of aran weight wool and the pattern is sized from newborn to adult L, so all the family can have warm toes this winter.

Jess from Ginger Twist Studio and I can’t get enough of this pattern and have knitted three pairs between us already. Two pairs in Ginger’s Hand Dyed Humming Aran (a luxurious Alpaca / Merino / Nylon blend) and one adult pair in Brigantia Luxury Aran (a wonderful British wool). I also have another pair on the needles for my toddler in Drops Nepal (wool / Alpaca blend).

What will you knit your Elgin socks in?

Here are some pictures of Elgin to inspire you.

Elgin shown in Humming Aran, Earnest

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Elgin shown in Humming Aran, Bonny Scotland 

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Elgin shown in Brigantia Luxury Aran, Dark Turquoise

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Caught My Eye: Emlyn

Celebrating the end of “Socktober” with a special “Caught My Eye”. I love these socks and they really make me want to improve my colourwork. Knitted from the top down these socks are perfect for using up scraps of yarn for the colourwork section.

© Rachel Coopey used with permission

© Rachel Coopey used with permission

In true Rachel Coopey style there are some beautiful details in these socks like the details at the base of the cuff. A contrast cuff, toe and heel add fun colourblock details and can be matched to your colourwork, or contrasted to make a bold statement.

As with all colourwork socks you can go bold, with bright and contrasting colours or choose lighter, paler or more neutral shades.

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Available as a single download for £3 or as an ebook called Pretty Feet One, featuring 4 socks for £7.

I hope you have enjoyed “Socktober”, keep an eye out for the remaining sale discount codes for the rest of this week.

Happy knitting,




Flash Sale: Day 3

Hope you are having a good week.

Today is a double bonanza on the sock sale front the first sock is Jozi – named after and designed using inspiration from my home town, Johannesburg. 



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Next up is Corrugate – this has been a firm favourite amongst knitters this month, so I thought I would give you the chance to nab a copy of the pattern at half price. 

Corrugate socks_sale


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Happy Knitting folks.




Flash Sale: Day 1

To celebrate the end of “Socktober” I am having a five-day flash sale. Each day I will release a new pattern discount code in a different place. Today the pattern on sale is Tarsi. With the code “Socktober1” you can get both Tarsi patterns for £1.50. 

Tarsi and Tarsi-Grande come in eight sizes range from new-born to adult large. For the next 27 hours you can get all eight sizes for £1.50. Tarsi-Grande can be found here in my Ravelry storeYou can also download Tarsi (baby version) when you buy this pattern as part of this offer. Both will appear as available downloads, please make sure you add them to your library during the offer period. 

Tarsi-Grande_sale copy

For the Love of Socks …

It is the final week of Socktober and to celebrate I am having a flash sale lasting for the rest of the week. Why? because I love socks, and I hope you do too. Details at the end of the post.

Sock Anatomy_baby socks_sock blockers

The five things I love about socks … 

1) They can be incredibly simple yet breathtakingly effective (think Vanilla socks with some fabulous self stripe) or complex enough to virtually warp you mind (think Cookie A).

2) Sock yarn. Need I say more? The vast array of stunning hand dyed yarn is enough of a reason to love socks for the rest of time.

3) They are portable. You can’t lug that huge jumper project about with you, but you can easily pop a sock in your bag (or pocket).

4) They really pack a punch when it comes to techniques, you can get a lot of new techniques into a sock if you want to. I love being able to practice things on a small scale. Think cables, lace, textures, twists. The knitting world really is your oyster when it comes to  knitting socks.

5) Nothing beats hand knit socks for cosy toes in the winter! Nothing at all.

Do you love socks? What is your favourite thing about hand knitted socks? I would love to hear from you.

Have you read this and thought you would love to get into hand knit socks but are not sure where to start? Jo from the Shinybees podcast and I are starting a sock segment aimed at answering all your sock questions. Tune into the latest episode of the podcast for more details.

Each episode we will be able to give you hints and tips on getting the best out of your sock knitting exploits. There will be tutorials, step by step instructions and lots of support to get you started with socks.

The Sock Surgery with Clare Devine on the Shinybees Podcast

Copyright Ryan McGuire. Used with permission

Copyright Ryan McGuire. Used with permission

Flash sale – super discounts all week. 

How it works: I will be posting a discount code every day until Friday. It will only be valid for 36 hours so you will need to be quick. The code will be for a specific sock pattern to celebrate the end of October. Posts will be in a different place each day so follow me on all my media streams and join the Ravelry group to be in with the best chance of collecting all the codes.




Hope you have a wonderful week. Happy Knitting.




Caught My Eye: Skedaddle

Hope you are having a good week.

I feel like a few things slipped by the wayside recently on the blog favour of all my exciting and interesting news. While I love sharing my new designs with you I also really miss showcasing the amazingly talented folk out there in the knitting world. I have missed looking for “Caught My Eye” features and hope you enjoy the return of this segment. It will appear every Thursday from now on, you can thank me for my “services to enabling” later 😉

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

I spotted these socks last week and instantly fell in love. As many of your know I am a grey fan, a very big grey fan. However a less well-known fact is I am not a red fan, at all. My friends often joke that I must be a bull, because red makes me ever so slightly cross. Its not my favourite colourway. That said, these socks have the best red detail I have seen in a long time and I think the combination of red and grey could win me over here.

Lena Gjerald is from Norway and she has some great patterns available including Skedaddle – a fab (and free) sock pattern. A simple top down sock with a gorgeous braid down the back of the leg, a heel flap and a star toe. I love the cable (this week I am all about cables) and the star toe makes my heart flutter. All in all these are the cutest socks I have seen in a while. The contrast detail on just one sock nails it and makes me love them even more.

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

Copyright Lena Gjerald

What do you think of these socks? And are you happy to see the return of this segment?

Hope you had a wonderful friday.

Happy knitting,



Glasgow School of Yarn

Hope you are having a good week, I am recovering from a whirlwind few weeks culminating in the Glasgow School of Yarn event over the weekend. It was a real reminder for me of what difference a year can make. This time last year we had just arrived in Edinburgh, I had a little baby who was crawling but not walking and we were living in a dingy cold damp flat. Fast forward a year I have an exuberant toddler, a new home with space for my office, that is not dingy or damp (it is a little cold but this is Scotland and it is October) and I am working for myself as a designer and freelancer. Wow!

Some things don’t change though and one of those things is my passion for humanitarian work and causes – the old job, the one that came before knitting and small children. With that in mind I was very grateful to be part of the team of volunteers who helped run the p/hop stand for MSF (Medecins Sans Frontier) at the Glasgow School of Yarn. The initiative started by some lovely knitters a number of years ago raises money for MSF by matching up skilled designers with knitters who love patterns – all that is asked is the knitters give a donation in line with how much enjoyment the pattern with bring them, hence P/hop (pennies for hours of pleasure). We raised a whopping £729! Thanks for all your support generous knitters of Scotland and beyond.

I was also helping out on the Ginger Twist Studio stall with my pal Jess and her lovely yarns (they really are fab). We had a selection of my books and patterns too – it was very exciting to see my work in print at a yarn event.

Here are some pictures from the two days – it really was a fab weekend.

The lovely Jess from Ginger Twist Studio in her booth.


My patterns on display at the GTS booth, exciting times!


Brilliantly bold yarn from John and Easy Knits

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Feeling a little weary at the end of day one, wearing my winter Brunswick, a thicker cozier version – the revised pattern will be released in November.


Skeining yarn in the car on Saturday morning as we made our way across to Glasgow.


  The MSF stall and some fab raffle prizes donated by the generous vendors at GSOY.

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My restrained purchases from GSOY. Some beautiful ceramic earrings from Susan Sharpe, they are super cute and I have worn them all week. I also bought some lovely Polwarth fibre from Easy Knits in the Dusk colourway. I am going to use it to make the new slippers Cadeautje by Ysolda from her Knitworthy collection. 

Did you go to GSOY? I would love to hear about your adventures. If you did not make it to this event have you been to one of the other fab events over the summer months. Share you thoughts and links to blog posts in the comments – I love hearing about yarn related adventures.

Happy knitting,



Designer Spotlight: Louise Tilbrook

Hope you are having a great week. To mark the middle of “Socktober” (where has the first half of this month gone) I have an interview with an exceptional British sock designer and one the speediest knitters I know – Louise Tilbrook.

Hoar Frost by Louise Tilbrook. Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

Hoar Frost by Louise Tilbrook. Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

I had a quick chat with Louise last week about her love affair with socks, I hope you enjoy the interview.

CD: When did you first become enthralled with socks?

LT: A few years ago now I picked up some Regia self-striping yarn and I was hooked. Some days I think if I could knit nothing else, ever, I would be happy knitting stripy socks.

I love stripy socks too, watch out on the blog next week for a special post about some very special self striping sock yarn from The Golden Skein.

CD: How did you make the leap from knitting socks to designing socks?

LT: It was a logical progression as I started to knit more for male family members. Whilst I love to knit lace and I do like a good pair of lace-patterned socks I found that truly unisex socks in larger sizes were a little harder to find. To pass the acid test a sock pattern must be fun to knit, look far more complicated than it actually is and be officially approved as ‘non-girly’ by my DH.

CD: Does magic loop rock your boat or are you more of a DPN fan?

LT: Magic loop all the way. I’ve lost too many DPNs on trains, in cars and under sofas

CD: How do you pick a good sock yarn?

LT: I love yarns with a good firm twist that have excellent stitch definition as it helps cables and twisted stitches to really pop.

CD: Solid, tonal, variegated or stripes? Which yarn makes your heart sing?

LT: For my designs I love handpainted tonal yarns and for plain (knitting-for-me socks) it is self striping all the way – the more colourful the colours the better.

CD: Toe up or top down?

LT: I started with cuff down and then converted to toe-up. I started on the Hexipuff craze some time ago and realised that if I could cast one of those on, I could cast on a sock toe. Then I discovered Judy’s magic cast on and never looked back.

CD: Afterthought heel, love or loathe?

LT: Love them and am working on one right now.

CD: What is your favourite sock design? And why?

LT: My favourite is always the one I’m currently working on – I’m quite fickle like that – but of my published ones I’m most proud of my Silver Birch design featured in Pom Pom magazine. The yarn was heavenly to work with and I was so pleased with the finished socks.

CD: … and your favourite socks designed by someone else?

LT: Heavens – I can only pick one? For a great, effective and satisfying pattern I would have to choose the Monkey sock by Cookie A. I’d also love to try the Stitch Surfer socks by Louise Robert as they look amazing.

CD: Besides yarn and pointy sticks what is your most treasured sock knitting tool?

LT: My collection of sock project bags from Daisy Bun Boo. Since rehoming 2 kittens everything in my house needs to be under kitten-lockdown. Especially yarn and pointy sticks.

Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

Bleaberry Tarn by Louise Tilbrook. Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

Louise has a lovely range of sock patterns available on her Ravelry store and she has very generously donated some lovely prizes for the readers of this blog. She is offering a pattern from her collection to three lucky readers. To enter this competition please leave a comment below. You need to include the following in your comment to be entered.

1) Which is your favourite Louise Tilbrook design? You can find all of her designs in her Ravelry shop. 

2) What yarn would you knit this design in?

3) Please also leave a way for me to contact you should you be the lucky winner. A Ravelry ID is probably the easiest.

This competition will run until the 30th of October, and the winners will be announced on the blog on the 31st of October as we say farewell to “Socktober”

Happy knitting


Sty Head Tarn by Louise Tilbrook. Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

Sty Head Tarn by Louise Tilbrook. Copyright: Louise Tilbrook

Sock Anatomy: Now available in Print


Hope you are having a great week. Things are really busy around here and I am very excited to announce that Sock Anatomy is now available to purchase in print from my online shop. 

Each book comes with a download code for the digital ebook so you can have the best of both worlds, a gorgeous printed book for your bookshelf and a digital copy on your electronic devices.


Sock Anatomy features nine sock patterns in four “itty bitty” sizes (new-born – toddler), perfect for warming the toes of the little people in your life. This book is also the perfect tool for learning about different heels and toes. Each sock pattern features a different heel and there are details instructions for each design.

I will be releasing the adult sizes of these patterns later this year.

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Happy knitting





Join in with the Head to Toe KAL.

Head to Toe KAL-01-01


Hope you are having a wonderful week. It is pretty chilly in Edinburgh today and it has spurred me on to work on my Elgin socks in lovely squishy Brigantia. 

Are you knitting anything from the Head to Toe collection? Come and join us in the “knit-a-long” currently running in the Ravelry group. It is a very relaxed affair, a place for knitting and chatting about knitting. Any pattern from the Head to Toe collection goes and you can use any yarn. There are prizes too, including some gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Ginger Twist Studio and some other exciting goodies.

The group is a friendly place to chat and show off your latest Yarn and Pointy Sticks knitwear. I love to see finished objects (and wips) from my designs.

Have a wonderful week.