I’m Moving …

Hello there.

Creative Commons: Life of Pix Free Stock Photo

Creative Commons: Life of Pix Free Stock Photo

Hope the start of 2015 is treating you well. I just popped past to say I am moving, a little later than planned but my bags are packed and I am off to my new website! Exciting times.

You will still find me at www.yarnandpointysticks.com but if you have a RSS feed or get your blog posts by email you might want to make sure you update the details so you don’t miss out on any news from the new blog.

Remember you can find me in the following places:

Website and blog: www.yarnandpointysticks.com

Twitter: @_ClareDevine

Instagram: ClareDevine

Ravelry as Knitsforklipskaap and my designs are listed here. 

Look forward to hearing from you over on the new blog.


Episode 25: Choose Your Weapon! How to Choose Needles for Sock Knitting

My latest podcast segment with Jo is now ready for your listening pleasure. Hope you enjoy the show. I will be back later this week with more details to help you pick the best sock needles on the blog. Happy Knitting. Clare x


I heart ChiaoGoo. I heart ChiaoGoo.

Following on from the last episode, where we welcomed Clare Devine to talk about how to choose yarn for knitting socks, this episode sees us explore the next big life knitting question: which needles? Starting off the episode is a little bit of chat about recent travels, then there is a review of Msanzi: South Africa on my Needles from Sally Cameron. We have a giveaway from a fab new indie dyer, Coach House Yarns, before we get into all things needle related.


I recently went down south on holiday (sort of!) for Sanimal to be baptised at the church I used to go to when I was at school. The average speed cameras on the A9 have recently been activated between Inverness and Dunblane which is a total cash cow in my opinion, thought up by someone who never uses that road! Coupled with the…

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Episode 24: Choosing Yarn for Socks with Clare Devine

I am excited to share the latest episode of the Shinybees podcast with you where I chat to Jo and Kate about choosing the best yarn for your socks. This is the first episode in our new Sock Surgery series.


Sock blockers with Elgin socks! Sock blockers with Elgin socks!

Image used with permission of Clare Devine.

Hello and welcome to Episode 24 of the podcast. This week we will be mostly learning a lot about how to choose yarn for socks with Clare Devine.

Thanks to Frkstrik for alerting me to the amazing resource for everything knitted and crocheted toilet cover related. Check out this bad boy on Amazon.

The Halloween vultures did not quite descend upon Shiny Heights and now I am left with an awful lot of Swizzels sweets. It should not surprise me that there were no Blackjack sweets in there as they are, in fact, made by Barratt.

I wonder out loud if Hoxton will return with the panto this year. She has been quiet on the podcast front as she has been expecting a baby! You can find her back episodes for the pantos here.

The Golden Skein

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An Interview

Things have been a little slow on the blog lately. I am finding my feet in the world of freelancing. It is great and I am loving every second of it, although the pace at the moment is a little fast.

That said, I wanted to pop past and share this podcast interview with you. I met up with Jo from the Shinybees podcast at Unwind in Brighton last month.


If you would like to know a little bit more about me and how I am finding my place in the knitting world drop past and listen to this excellent podcast. The interview also features George from Yarn Garden who is a fantastic dyer from Newcastle.

Happy listening and happy knitting.


Week in Pictures #6

This week has gone past in a whirlwind (I think this is a common theme at the moment). I thought I would sneak in a quick “Week in Pictures” before I get ready for the big reveal tomorrow….

I have been keeping secrets from you – but tomorrow I shall be revealing my super exciting collaboration and I can’t wait. Pop back here at 9am (GMT) for a big reveal. The fabulous Knit British will also be releasing her special podcast featuring a “wee chat” with me about the collaboration http://www.knitbritish.net

Moving on. What has been going on this week?

Lots of work, fueled by lots of tea (the non caffeine kind, I have finally got my caffeine craziness in check after our Canada trip). My big cat tea pot has been keeping me company.

IMG_9770A  very exciting parcel arrived this week. I am going to blog about it later on but I thought I would show you my new yarn. A custom hand spun! Yes spun just for me to my exact specifications. I can’t wait to cast this on. It is going to be glorious to knit with. And yes, it is grey.

IMG_9774 IMG_9777

My brilliant sister made me some oak sock blockers because she is fabulously talented and I am her big sister (so she has to do what I say). I will be taking these to Unwind next week to show off two exciting samples for Yarn Garden.

I will also be using them for some more baby sock designs and workshop treats.

I am trying to get her to make some and sell them online, she is so talented. Watch this space!


We went all green the other night. Spinach and Watercress Soup. I was skeptical. I shouldn’t have been – it was delicious.


Today I met my lovely husband for lunch. We had Pho. I loved Vietnam and we are big fans of Vietnamese food. This was an extra special Friday treat.


Finally – another exciting project I have been working on that will be revealed in full at Unwind, but I thought I would give you a sneak peak today. Socks for Yarn Garden. They are an amazing yarnie team from the north of England. George is a master dyer and I LOVE their yarn. Are you going to Unwind, Brighton? I will be there all day on Saturday – I can’t wait.

yarn garden_sock

Hope you have a brilliant Friday. Don’t forget to pop past for the news tomorrow morning!

Happy knitting



Week in pictures #3

This week was incredibly busy dotted with some moments of pure bliss. We spent some quality time as a little trio, mainly hanging out in the wonderful local playgrounds here in Canada. Today is the big day – the wedding – and then we will be able to take a deep breath and relax.

Here is a selection of my snaps from this week.

Family days exploring the mountains …

IMG_9058 IMG_9059


A moment of adult time sampling the local beers at a craft brewery


and a day hiking in the mountains without the little one, followed by a slap up lunch.

IMG_9175 IMG_9191


Lots of time playing in parks and strolling through the forests with the little tot.

IMG_9205 IMG_9299 IMG_9238 IMG_9226


Stolen moments knitting on my Knit Night …


Realising my little baby is growing up so quickly …


My first taste of S-mores … homemade and roasted over the fire


And today … the big day … looking forward to a good party and hopefully a toddler who has fun and gets some rest too.


Hope you had a wonderful week ….


Week in Pictures

It has been a busy old week for us, packed with fun adventures spanning two continents with very little sleep in between. I might be tired but I am happy and we are very lucky to be having such a brilliant family adventure. I thought it might be nice to share my highlights in pictures with you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world.

The week started with a ‘wee’ adventure with my mom in Scotland. We went to see the Kelpies, two brand new sculptures just north of Edinburgh. They are amazing, and if you are in this part of the world I highly recommend a visit this summer. IMG_8557

The little one likes her new dinosaur backpack, which is handy as I need to try and stop her from running off too much. Especially in busy places or on busy roads (her new favourite activity is to try and launch herself off the pavement – not great).


It was a grey and drizzly day but the sculptures are so beautiful I did not mind a splash of rain. I am getting used to the Scottish weather now, and usually remember my raincoat.

We then whipped across the world to Canada (my brother in law is getting married in two weeks so we are here for the wedding). I was even able to get some secret knitting done on the plane. The joy of traveling with another adult who can share the the child minding responsibilities on the plane. Watch this space for more details on this super exciting project. More news in a few weeks!


We are staying in Calgary for a few days before we head into the mountains. The first day was rainy (much like Scotland) and we were tired so we had a wander through the Devonian Gardens in town, a indoor garden on the top floor of the mall. The plants were beautiful but I was more interested in the sculptures and the beautiful grey patterns of the glass roof against a grey sky (it is always about the grey with me).

IMG_8661 IMG_8640IMG_8669

I was over the moon to find this green tea frozen yoghurt, it was delicious. I love green tea flavoured things.

IMG_8670Summer is fast approaching here and the streets are full of colourful flowers.

IMG_8707 IMG_8708 IMG_8709On Thursday I went to a local yarn store called The Loop. In a few days I will give you the full low down on my trip there, but they put me onto a brilliant mill about an hour north of Calgary called Custom Woollen Mill. More details on them soon, I have lots of pictures and a yarn haul to share with you. Here are a few snaps from our trip yesterday. The sun shone and we had a brilliant time.

IMG_8722 IMG_8720

And I am happy to say my yarn purchases were approved by the small person. Here is a sneak peak of some of the yarn I got at the mill.


How did you knit yours?

Packing for my recent trip I hauled out my Northmavine Hap and packed it in my rucksack. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have hardly worn this shawl during the winter months. I love this shawl, it is the perfect size and wraps around you like a warm embrace. The lace is simple but striking and the mix of colours make my heart sing. I shall be wearing it with pride as I wander around on our holiday.


I had lined up this “How did you knit yours” a while back but time slipped by and I did not post it. Packing my shawl spurred me on to share these beautiful examples made by other Ravellers.

The Northmavine Hap was designed by Kate Davies and released as part of her Colour of Shetland collection in December 2012. As soon as I opened my book, I instantly fell in love with this design. The design features 5 shades of Shetland wool by Jamieson and Smith and is the perfect vehicle for experimenting with colour. I also vowed to knit a single colour one when I finished my first. I have yet to cast on, but I think it would also be a fabulous single colour shawl.

To inspire you I have picked some of my favourite finished objects from the Ravelry project pages. I hope you enjoy these beautiful shawls.

The muted purple and green shades of this example by CaroleCaris result in a feminine and delicate shawl. 


Used with permission. Copyright Carolecaris

Lady Marian picked a brighter palette of pinks with lilac on a white background. The end result is vastly different from the original sample by Kate Davies but very beautiful in its own right. A perfect example of how changing the palette can completely transform the look and feel of a design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another completely different pallet by HeathcoteRoad, the strong colours in this shawl really stand out, creating a bold statement shawl. 

Used with permission. Copyright: HeathCoteRoad

Used with permission. Copyright: HeathCoteRoad

One thing I did not love about knitting this shawl was the ends, oh the ends, they were endless. I felt like I was weaving in ends for days. I probably should have been disciplined and done then as I went along but I didn’t and the end result was endless weaving in of ends. Two knitters who have circumnavigated that problem are MartheB and Fidlstix. They have created magical haps with rainbow yarns featuring long repeats. The solution to all those ends, rainbow stripes without the weaving. Bold, bright and colorful, these shawls are just what I will need in the grey winter months at the end of the year.

Used with permission. Copyright: MartheB

Used with permission. Copyright: MartheB

Used with permission. Copyright: Fidlstix

Used with permission. Copyright: Fidlstix

Last but certainly not least I will leave you with a wonderful example of the shawl knitted in the yarn and colourways suggested by Kate. The colours of this shawl work so well together and if you have read the essay that accompanies the pattern in the book you will see clearly how they reflect the landscape described by Kate Davies.

I also love the way HannahKRoss photographed her shawl. Dancing in the wind and resting on the beach pebbles. 

Used with permission. Copyright: HannahKRoss

Used with permission. Copyright: HannahKRoss

Used with permission. Copyright: HannahKRoss

Used with permission. Copyright: HannahKRoss

Have you knitted a Northmavine Hap shawl? I would love to see your pictures if you have.


Weekly Round Up – 5KCBWDay5

The task for today was to do something different. I know this is technically not that different from my normal style, words on a screen and links, but I wanted to start a new feature. So this is my something different. My aim to to get my act together and blog more, to do this I need some features and there is a lot of stuff I see that I want to share. So, here goes …

Friday’s weekly round up (part 1)

Martine from iMake has launched a new website. I think it looks fabulous and advise popping over for a little browse. She has great articles and an amazing selection of tutorials. You might also benefit from having a scout around her old website too as some of the content has not been migrated to the new site and is well worth a look. Martine also hosts a regular podcast featuring all things craft and Guernsey. It is well worth a listen.

New website

Old website 

Ripples Craft had an update last night and if you are after some yarn goodness to brighten your weekend there is certainly plenty to choose from. I love this purple skein. Helen is based in the Scottish Highlands and has the most magical colour sense.

Finally there is a new yarn shop opening in Glasgow tomorrow (17th May) and their grand opening is taking place between 5 & 9pm. The Queen of Pearls is in the centre of Glasgow and will be stocking lots of lovely goodies if the list on their Rav group is anything to go by. I can’t go because I have to attend a work conference (boohoo) but if you are in the area I bet it is going to be a blast. New yarn shops are almost always a good thing.

Advent KAL 5/24

Hope you all had a good weekend.

I have been rather slack at keeping up with my advent KAL, although I am still determined to get it finished by December.

This is 5/24, I decided to skip ahead a few as I was not enjoying the star design with all those buttons on it. I might mix it up with the patterns and choose some other bits I fancy knitting.



Have a wonderful week.

Happy knitting.