Caught My Eye: Sloth by Barbara Prime

Apologies for the brief break in service this week folks, it has been a rocky week here at “Casa Devine”. I have a number of blog posts waiting in the wings and for those of you are waiting for posts about needles after my guest segment with Jo (aka Shinybees) fear not the posts will be here for you over the weekend.

Last night I went up to Fluph in Dundee with Jess from Ginger Twist and completely forgot to post this super cute “Caught My Eye”.

Copyright Barbara Prime. Used with permission.

Copyright Barbara Prime. Used with permission.

I have not done any gift knitting and in all honesty I am not sure if I will get any done this year. However, I do want to knit a present for the little one. Her birthday is in late January so I have some time.

I love this little critter he is super cute and if you are not a sloth fan Barbara Prime has loads of other cute little characters. 

The Three Toed Sloth costs $2.99 (just under £2) and is worked up in worsted weight yarn, though I am sure it would be easy to knit him with anything. With heavier weight yarn he will be quick to knit. Perfect for a last-minute gift.

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Have you got any knitted toys planned for the holiday season?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.




Caught My Eye – Mr. Rabbit

This week’s Caught My Eye is another glorious design suitable for the small people in your life. It is also perfect for the young at heart too, or those who love whimsical little creatures in their lives.

It has been created by Amanda Collins, the talented designer behind Owl Print Panda. I first came across Owl Print Panda at the Glasgow School of Yarn last year. I had been in the country a few weeks and it was a brilliant baby free day filled with knitting and lovely people. Amanda had a stall behind me, I was working on the MSF p/hop stand. She had a beautiful selection of whimsical knitting related items like stitch markers. There were also some little coin purses in her signature style. I had great fun looking at all her wonderful goodies and having a little chit-chat. You can find her items over on her Etsy store. I highly recommend a look. 

Amanda also design the famous Bru shawl celebrating the drink Iron Bru, a bright orange cold drink that is something of a Scottish statement. Jess at Ginger Twist Studio made a lovely example of this from her stunning hand dyed. Everytime I pop into the shop I feel compelled to make one. I really should just cast on.

Moving onto the pattern for this week, Respectable Mr Rabbit. I immediately fell in love with him when I saw him released on Ravelry recently. He oozes whimsical charm. I know my little one would love to cart him about everywhere with her other treasured rabbit friend. Mainly knitted in the round, he has been designed with Rowan Fine Tweed, which is a magical yarn to work with and comes in a vast array of stunning colours. You could also substitute other yarns very easily for a larger rabbit. I wonder if you could make a tiny version with lace weight? I love the idea of a really tiny fine bunny, might have to invest in some tiny needles for that.

He really is a lovely little chap!

Used with permission. Copyright Amanda B Collins

Used with permission. Copyright Amanda B Collins

Used with permission. Copyright Amanda B Collins

Used with permission. Copyright Amanda B Collins